Prayer is an important part of Christian life. It is important as we partner together to be faithful and committed in prayer to keep some truths about prayer in mind. The most important truth to keep in mind is the key motivation for prayer – God Answers Prayer! THIS is why we pray.


First, there is no power in prayer. Prayer is not an act of power or ability, it is a humbling action whose exercise of it demonstrates a lack of power on our part and a complete dependence upon God. When we pray, we are not exercising power or dominion. Through prayer, we invite the King to come in power and enforce His rule and reign… his Kingdom.


By its very nature,  prayer is relational; it is conversational. Prayer is not the recital of scriptures or scripts. It is not about using biblical language. Prayer is not a spiritual contest or a means to being approved because of how well we speak as we pray. Prayer is to be an honest conversation. It is an amazing thought that God gave us this direct connection to Him – prayer.  Though Jesus gave some instruction on prayer, there are no rules. We are free to talk, share everything on our hearts… our troubles, needs, our joys and celebrations. There is nothing that we are forbidden to bring to our Father in prayer. He wants to hear it all and to be involved in all. Learning to share life with the Father, through prayer, is the door through which life takes on richness, value and depth of meaning.


Another important aspect of prayer is its root of expectancy. Faith-filled prayer places a demand on God in much the same way of asking someone for a glass of water. When we ask someone for a glass of water, we expect to receive what we asked for and if it doesn’t arrive, we ask again with the same expectancy and keep asking until what we desire has come. Prayer is designed around this same root of expectancy. Instead of praying and speaking words as a spiritual discipline, we are connecting with our Father and placing a real demand, at His invitation. We boldly come before the throne to ask with the expectation to receive.


God answers prayer! This captivating truth is the reason we pray. He loves, watches over us, hears our cries and our prayers. He loves to be with us, loves to answer and respond.

As we come to pray, whether when alone or when together, let’s remind one another that this is why we pray. It is the avenue He has provided to us to seek breakthrough in and victory over the difficulties we face. As we remember this truth, stir our affection for the Lover of our souls and stir our faith in His delight in answering us, our times of prayer together will be full of grace and a joyful, energizing time.

God answers prayer – This is why we pray!


The videos below are examples of how God hears us, answers our prayer and moves on our behalf. Our hope is that these videos encourage you in prayer to stand in faith, believing He DOES answer prayer.

… more videos coming soon.

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