Our Values:

Spiritual Intimacy – The primary call of ROL and the church at large is to bringing the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus and establishing them in intimacy with Him.

Prayer – ROL is called to be a house of Prayer. We aim to model and establish others in intercessory and personal prayer.

Wholeness/Freedom – ROL works to help believers understand and take hold of the gospel and the impact of the cross, the work of Jesus in order to appropriate the blessings and provision of God, which results in wholeness and freedom. Further, ROL is a healing place, a place of recovery and a place to be refreshed.

Community – ROL is a comfortable, biblical community – a community that is inclusive, safe, transformational and that is missional at its core. ROL exists to further the kingdom through relationships. We encourage individuals to come and be who they are as they discover who they are called to be.

Multiculturalism – We serve a God of diversity and ROL is called to reflect that diversity, to be a home for people from every nation, every tribe and every tongue.

Participation – ROL is battle/mercy/rescue ship, not a cruise ship. Participation is greatly encouraged towards body ministry, the healthy expression of the body of Christ.

Discipleship – ROL is a transformational community fulfilling the great commission to make disciples, and envision them to take hold of God’s kingdom purposes.

Spiritual Maturity – ROL is a safe place to grow into Christlikeness.  Christlikeness is the purpose and mandate for each life in the grand purpose of God. ROL seeks to grow in maturity as individuals and as a community and to be an example to the body of Christ.

Servanthood – ROL models and seeks to inspire servanthood by serving God’s purpose in each individual. We want to see a generation of those who would serve God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength,

Leadership – Leadership is at the core of God’s identity and thereby a call to every individual. ROL serves that call in individuals and seeks to train, equip and release new leaders.

Impact – The greatest measure of a congregation’s effectiveness is the resulting change in the surrounding community.  ROLseeks to be an outward looking people, watchful for God’s purposes and divine appointments in our community.


Sunday Morning Service
9:00am Sunday School
10:30am Service
Jeanette Hayes Elementary
21203 Park Timbers Lane
Katy, TX 77450

Friday Night Prayer
1st Fridays: 10:00pm
All Others: 7:00pm
21334 Provincial Blvd.
Katy, TX 77450

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